Envision Your Purpose in STEM Career Fields

Grand Canyon University is excited to provide STEM field industry explorations for middle school students (entering 6 - exiting 8 grade). Join us to explore today's top STEM careers with interactive, hands-on learning, engaging activities and experts from the field.

Each Thunder Vision STEM Summer Experience is uniquely dedicated to an in-depth exploration of a specific industry related topic. STEM Summer Experience offerings include cybersecurity, engineering, robotics, bioscience and environmental science taught by GCU and industry experts.

  • Check-in time: 8:30 am
  • Check-out time: 3:30 pm

The cost for each day of STEM Day Camp is $50 (includes lunch and snacks).

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STEM Explorations

Individual Day Camps

There are four camp options. Feel free to register for more than one or all four.

Monday, June 17: Cybervision

Explore Computer Science and Mathematics

In this interactive day camp, your student will be exposed to the fundamentals of cybersecurity by means of hands-on demos at the Arizona Cyberwarfare Range, an introduction to industry experts and the skills necessary to embark on a career of one of the fastest growing professions in the United States. In a cybercon atmosphere, students will focus on the domains of security, digital forensics, penetration testing, social engineering and more.

Tuesday, June 18: Biovision

Explore Bioscience and Biotechnology

In this exciting day camp, students will learn the fundamentals of bioscience and how it relates to innovation and discovery in the health care industry. Students will learn about their own biology through interactive activities with DNA and biochemistry while getting a chance to speak with industry experts about the latest advancements in medical science. This camp will expose students to the exciting STEM fields of bioscience and bioinformatics- they will observe the results of many technological advances that have made this cutting-edge industry.

Wednesday, June 19: Robovision

Explore Robotics and Engineering

This engaging day camp will bring to light the fundamentals of engineering and the design process in an industry setting. Students will use their skills to build simple motors, work with robots and create projects that showcase their discoveries. By touring GCU's engineering labs and meeting experts in the field, they will come to know the many avenues of engineering and design in this exciting STEM career.

Thursday, June 20: Ecovision

Explore Environmental Sciences

This captivating day camp will show students the vast array of opportunities that exist in the world of environmental science. Through hands-on activities, students will use knowledge of Erath's systems to research environmental problems to determine causes and develop solutions. They will develop and test water reclamation devices, explore the world through Google Earth and learn about atoms through nuclear technology. The field of environmental science opens a wide range of opportunities in STEM.

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Additional Information

To complete the registration process, please fill out and return the following forms.

Thunder Vision Summer Camp Waiver
Thunder Vision Summer Camp Waiver (Spanish)
GCU Stem Camp Medical Information and Behavior Contract

Completed forms can be scanned and emailed to [email protected].

  • Comfortable shoes 
  • Small backpack or tote 
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Sunblock
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Spending money (for vending machines, snack or the Lope Shops)
  • Any medications needed (please inform camp staff of any medical issues in advance)
  • Electronics including laptops, tablets and cell phones
  • Check made out to Grand Canyon University for the camp fee ($50 per day registered)

GCU and the Thunder Vision Camp staff are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Q: How do I submit payment?
A: Payment of $50 per day the student is registered for camp should be made via check to Grand Canyon University and sent with the required completed forms within five days of registration to secure placement in camp.

Q: When do I need to submit camp forms and payment to confirm my registration?
A: All forms must be sent to Dina Lundblom via mail along with payment of $50 per day the student is registered for camp. Once forms and payment are received, a confirmation email will be sent to you confirming placement in camp.

Q: Have camp staff undergone background checks?
A: Yes. All camp facilitators are certified Arizona teachers who have passed background and fingerprint clearance checks.

Q: What time is drop-off and pick-up?
A: Check-in begins at 8 am. Students will be released to their parents at 3:30 pm at the conclusion of each day's activities.

Q: Can I come visit my child?
A: Due to safety concerns, parents and outside friends will not be allowed to visit campers. In case of an emergency, parents will be able to contact their child during the time their child is on campus. We will release the student only to their designated guardians.

Q: Will students be allowed to leave campus?
A: No. Students will stay on the GCU campus throughout the camp.

Q: What is included with the camp?
- All materials and supplies
- Full camp workshops and activities
- Lunch

Q: What should my child bring with them to the camp?
A: See Camp Packing List.

Q: What if my child has dietary restrictions, medical needs or special accommodations?
A: Please include any of these items on the Medical Information form which is required for camp attendance.

Q: I received an confirmation email of my child's enrollment in the camp. If my child cannot attend, how do I cancel?
A: Cancellation requests must be sent to Dina Lundblom at [email protected]. Due to the high demand and limited space for this camp, we request your consideration in cancelling as soon as possible so we can open up the spot to another student. You will receive a full refund if cancellation is received by July 1, 2018. If cancellation is received after that date, no refund will be issued.