Unlocking Potential, Finding Purpose

"If we teach today like we taught yesterday, we rob our students of tomorrow." - John Dewey

Inquiry-based learning is a process where students are involved in their learning, create essential questions, investigate widely and then build new understandings, meanings and knowledge. That knowledge is new to the students and may be used to answer their essential question, to develop a solution or to support a position or point of view. The knowledge is usually presented to others in some sort of public manner and may result in some sort of action.

Grand Canyon University, along with author Trevor MacKenzie, invites high school teachers to participate in the Canyon Inquiry Project, a professional journey of inquiry, discovery and meaningful learning for your students. What's more, $10,000 in student scholarships* will be awarded for exemplary student projects at the Canyon Inquiry Project Showcase Recognition and Awards!

With the belief that all students deserve a chance to dig into their passions and curiosities, Trevor MacKenzie, author of Dive into Inquiry, has created Types of Student Inquiry where educators can learn to transform their classroom by:

  • Offering learning opportunities that support every student
  • Fostering student agency
  • Building community through collaborative projects
  • Creating authentic connections between education and the real world

GCU is now accepting team applications for the Canyon Inquiry Project, from passionate high school teams who want to be change agents at their schools. Teachers must embody a willingness and enthusiasm to incorporate structures to create an environment that will take a personal interest in each student and encourage collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication and more. Ten school teams will be chosen. The deadline to apply is Sept. 8, 2017.

Benefits of Canyon Inquiry Project

What is in it for you and your school team?

  • Outstanding professional development (PD hours)
  • Coaching from Trevor MacKenzie
  • Students who are engaged and taking ownership of their learning
  • $1000 teacher completion award for each participating teacher and an additional $175 school grant for classroom projects
  • Opportunity for $10,000 in student scholarships* for award-winning student projects

Additionally, accepted school teams will each receive:

  • A copy of Dive Into Inquiry by Trevor MacKenzie. Click here to learn more about this book  
  • Direct teaching from Trevor MacKenzie and other educational professionals
  • Complimentary lunch
  • Two Sub-Release days will be paid to school/district for each teacher to attend workshops
  • Recognition at the Canyon Inquiry Project Showcase Recognition & Awards

You will also have the opportunity to work with the following GCU teams:

  • Academic and Career Excellence Centers: University resources and services to assist with student career choice
  • GCU Admissions Counselors: Speak to students regarding university programs, application process, campus tours and participation in Discover GCU
  • GCU University Development Counselors: Meet with staff and parents to share the value-added benefits of discounted programs and professional development opportunities

Trevor MacKenzie - author of Dive Into Inquiry

Sept. 8, 2017: Application Deadline
Sept. 15, 2017: Canyon Inquiry Project Acceptance Notification
Sept. 29, 2017: Workshop #1
Building 57 - Room 224, 8 am - 4 pm

  • Welcome to the Canyon Inquiry Project with Trevor MacKenzie!
  • A full day's worth of diving deep into a new and rewarding practice

Oct. 27, 2017: Workshop #2
Building 57 - Room 224, 9 am - 3 pm

  • Overview of the project, teambuilding and question building 

Dec. 1, 2017: Workshop #3
Building 57 - Room 224, 9 am - 3 pm

  • Make learning visible! Valuable tips for integrating technology tools into your curriculum, including webpages, videos, social media, web 2.0 tools, resources and more

Feb. 28, 2018: Workshop #4
Building 57 - Room 223, 9 am - 3 pm

  • Coach Trevor MacKenzie is back! Bring your questions to him for a brief coaching session

May 8, 2018: Workshop #5, 3:30 - 8 pm

  • Canyon Inquiry Project Showcase Recognition & Awards

Applying school teams must be participants in GCU's Strategic Educational Alliances.

  • All applicants must be school teams and not individuals.
  • School teams are made up of two classroom teachers and one administrator. 
  • Participation timeframe is from September 2017 through May 2018. 
  • Professional development hours will be awarded at the completion of entire Canyon Inquiry Project.
  • School team attendance is required at all Canyon Inquiry Project workshops.
  • School team is required to provide a minimum of four hours of staff professional development to school staff as evidenced by photos/videos on their webpage.
  • Creation of a Canyon Inquiry Project webpage is mandatory. 
  • All teams are required to participate in the Canyon Inquiry Project Showcase Recognition & Awards. Each teacher will select up to five student projects to be showcased by either a gallery walk, poster session or stage presentation to school teams, parents and university guests on May 8, 2018.
  •  All participants are required to write and post a reflective blog entry that highlights their journey, including a self-assessment and how they would revise and grow the program with possible next steps.
  • We would greatly appreciate your support and participation at the movie screening of Most Likely to Succeed (date TBD).

Please note: School teams may be spotlighted throughout the Inquiry journey by GCU media.

*For eligible Juniors and Seniors