Summer Institute

Get ready for the best Christian camp of the summer at Grand Canyon University!

Experience college life at GCU and gain insight into career fields that interest you. Each day at the Summer Institute is filled with a mix of social events and informative academic programming. Not only will you have fun, but you'll leave feeling confident and excited to start college on the right track!


Here's what to look forward to!

  • Programming created and taught by college professors
  • Hands-on learning activities based on your area of interest Real-world insight from partnering businesses around the city
  • Evening socials with other students
  • Dining at GCU’s favorite eateries
  • And so much more!


High school students are required to have a GPA of at least 3.0 (unweighted) to attend camps.
Students must submit unofficial transcripts to prior to being confirmed to attend.
The following camps require students to bring a laptop with them: Cyber Lopes, Global Leadership and Debate.

Session Dates:

June 17 – 19

June 19 – 21

June 24 – 26

June 26 - 28


$75 per camp session.

Includes housing, food and more!


Summer Institute Camp Sessions

Dates : June 19 - 21 or June 26 - 28 

Do you have a passion for worship and want to experience the in-depth study of the Bible? GCU's Biblical Studies and Worship Arts camp will explore biblical worship, help develop your gifts, deepen your knowledge of the Bible and find your calling in life through hands-on activities facilitated by faculty and current students.

Dates : June 19 - 21  or June 26 - 28 

Do you dream of a career in criminal justice? At GCU’s Justice Academy summer program, students will learn the mechanics of the criminal justice field and receive hands-on experience through role play, interactions with a police canine team and Q&A sessions with police officers.

Dates : June 19 - 21 or June 26 - 28 

Students with an interest in cybersecurity will love this hands-on Cyber Lopes camp where they’ll have the opportunity to practice their skills in GCU’s cyber facilities. Challenge yourself and engage in team cyber activities to protect the online cyber world!

Dates : June 17 - 19 or June 24 - 26 

Enhance your communication skills inside and outside of classroom at the GCU Speech and Debate Team camp. Develop and practice your parliamentary debate skills with various coaches and then collaborate as a team to compete against other attendees during this program that utilizes STOA USA’s parliamentary debate structure.

Dates : June 17-19 or June 24-26

GCU's Digital Film Bootcamp offers the opportunity to design a music video from start to finish, using original music. Students will receive hands-on training on the basics of digital film through various workshops, filming group projects and a live screening.

Dates : June 19 - 21 or June 26 - 28 

Explore the world of engineering at GCU’s Exploring Engineering summer residency by receiving hands-on experience in mechanical, electrical and biomedical engineering. Engage with faculty and current engineering students on an intellectual and academic level to experience the activities, workshops and labs associated with GCU’s academic rigor of our engineering programs.

Dates : June 17 - 19 or June 24 - 26 

At GCU's General Business camp, students will learn critical thinking and analytical skills required in today's complex business environments through hands-on activities. Students will also engage with faculty and current business students to discuss how servant leadership, ethics, hospitality and entrepreneurism are intertwined the world of business!

Dates : June 17 - 19 or June 24 - 26 

Calling all aspiring leaders! Join GCU’s Honors Global Leadership residency program to collaborate with industry experts and fellow aspiring leaders around the valley. Participate in dynamic, interactive seminars on professional and leadership development, building your personal brand, effective networking strategies, public speaking and more.

Dates : June 17 - 19 or June 24 - 26 

Are you fascinated with the brain and human behavior? Join us at GCU’s Science of Behavior camp, where students will research and study psychological case studies for real world analysis. Engage in various psychological and social behavior activities with your peers and study human interactions!

Dates : June 17 - 19 or June 24 - 26 

At GCU’s Science of Health and Medicine camp, students will have the opportunity to experience biomedicine and laboratory research within our state-of-the-art learning facilities. Students will be exposed to the reality of a pre-medicine degree program, from cardiovascular terminology and gross anatomy in the cadaver labs to microbiology and hands-on activities from GCU Pre-Medicine Faculty. Explore the scientific practices and knowledge necessary for a career in healthcare or research.

Dates : June 19 - 21 or June 26 - 28 

Do you love sports and have good people skills? Have a knack for design and art? At GCU’s Sports Business and Marketing camp, students interested in the growing sports business industry will learn the basics of managing athletes from leading industry professionals. Students will also work with GCU’s student ad agency and learn how to create various advertising campaigns.

Dates: June 17-19 or June 19-21

Camp participants at GCU’s Sports Medicine & Athletic Performance camp will engage in athletic training, nutrition, kinesiology, pre-physical therapy and performance athletics activities – the building blocks of sports medicine. Students will learn principles related to sports injuries and illnesses including concussions, cardiovascular events and traumatic injuries, as well as techniques used by performance professionals to help athletes. Students will learn hands-on skills each day and build up to a Skills Drill Challenge!

Thunder Vision STEM Day Camp

June 17 - 20, 2019

For incoming 6th - 9th graders

Join GCU for up to four days of STEM exploration, including interactive hands-on learning, discussions with industry insiders and engaging activities. Facilitated by experienced GCU faculty and experts, these camps are offered to get middle school students excited about STEM and introduce them to a future career in these areas. STEM experiences will cover areas such as cybersecurity, engineering, robotics, bioscience and technology. Campers will also have the opportunity to learn all about GCU and tour our vibrant campus!

Drop-Off Time: 8:30 am
Pick-Up Time: 3:30 pm
Cost: $50 each day

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Summer Science Camp

June 3 - 6, 2019

For incoming 2nd - 5th graders

This science exploration experience, hosted by the GCU Learning Lounge®, is an authentic encounter with science perfect for elementary school students. Participants will integrate their newfound scientific knowledge with literacy and language skills. Second graders explore the human impact on the environment in "Shoreline Science" experiments. Third and fourth graders investigate how light functions in "Light Energy" and fifth graders examine how the solar system works in "Planets and Moon" experiments.

Day Camp
Drop-Off: 10 am
Pick-Up: Noon
Cost: Free

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Summer Dance Intensive Camp

June 17 - 21, 2019

For ages 14 - 21

The College of Fine Arts and Production invites dance students, ages 14 – 21, to a week-long camp at Grand Canyon University! Students have the option to commute daily or stay in a residence hall overnight as a camper. Please see the registration page for pricing and overnight camper eligibility. Come develop your skills through instruction with fellow dancers. Students train in different dance styles and experience new perspectives on dance. All classes are taught by distinguished dance faculty and guests, assisted by students from GCU’s Dance Department.
Courses include:

  • Jazz
  • Ballet 
  • Contemporary
  • Hip Hop 
  • Composition
  • And more!
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Athletic Camps

Grand Canyon University is hosting the Lopes Sports Camps program for athletes of all ages and skill levels! Camps are led by our very own coaches and players.

Per NCAA rules, all sports camps and clinics conducted by Grand Canyon University are open to any and all entrants. Enrollment is only limited based on age, grade level, gender or number restrictions as specified by each camp.

  • Beach Volleyball
  • Cheer
  • Dance
  • Golf
  • Men’s Basketball
  • Men’s Soccer

  • Men’s Volleyball
  • Softball
  • Track and Field
  • Women’s Basketball
  • Women’s Volleyball
  • Women’s Soccer