Where the Sidewalk Ends

Experience the magic of dance and poetry with the GCU Elementary Dance Tour—a live performance and interactive workshop. This exciting production brings Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends to life. The “big kids” – EDT’s college dancers - will perform first, then lead a fun dance activity with their elementary and middle school audiences. The show uses the poetry as a score to inspire movement, characters and story. We’ll explore the themes and ideas behind the poetry, and—maybe—find out, why Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout didn’t take the garbage out. Students will experience how poetry and dance go hand in hand and have the opportunity to connect their favorite poem to dance!

Contact and RSVP

For questions, contact:

Susannah Keita
Director of Dance

Marlene Strang
Elementary Dance Tour Director 


Tour Dates

Tour performance dates run from January through April 2019. Schools may request their best available dates and times. Schools must provide a performance space (e.g. multipurpose room, gymnasium, cafeteria or theatre with raised stage) and a sound system with a microphone. GCU provides all additional equipment. The GCU Elementary Dance Tour travels as far as 25 miles from the Phoenix campus.

The cast members of this performance series are full-time students with limited daytime availability. For this reason, we must limit our tour to a maximum of six school visits.

Audience Size

The performance is intended for 120 children or fewer at a time because of a participatory session at the end of the production. The tour will perform up to three shows per school site, allowing more students to be involved. We ask that teachers remain in the performance space and assist with classroom management.

Ethington Dance Ensemble

The GCU Elementary Dance Tour operates through the Ethington Dance Ensemble, a faculty-led organization serving as a professional dance company at GCU. The Ethington Dance Ensemble provides students with opportunities to explore the creative process, from rehearsal to live performance.

Members of the Ethington Dance Ensemble strive to lead and serve in their communities by presenting imaginative work, honoring tradition and inspiring the next generation. Since our first season in 2012, our Dance Tour casts have visited more than 5,000 local students!